supercharge your life

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2020/2021 ADVENTURES.


It was a
 transformation that I would never have dreamed possible, and with the best guide and mentor anyone could wish to find.

Supercharge Your Life


Inspired to explore this bountiful island of wildflowers, herbs and an expansive blue ocean?

  • supercharge your health and vitality with the breathwork.

  • unlock your potential and overcome your limitations.

  • learn how to create a daily routine that will elevate your life.

  • re-program limiting beliefs into empowering ways of being.

  • meet new friends and create powerful bonds for your journey.

You will experience sacred monuments, beautiful nature and powerfully deep work far away from the tourists.

Alchemy of Potential - For Men


Inspired to explore the depths of your soul to find the magic that lies within?


This special event is specifically for those who would like to connect more deeply to their own power and authenticity.


This week-long adventure will help you connect deeply to the feelings and emotions that are holding you back from being your best self. You will experience stunning beaches, beautiful nature and powerfully deep work far away from the tourists.

SOMA Breath


Various Dates

A unique multi-sensory rhythmical breathing meditation experience that uses euphoric music, ancient pranayama techniques + guided meditations to create ecstatic states in your body + mind. You will leave feeling energized & liberated to create the future you deserve.


Diamond Light


On Demand

The Diamond Light Numerology System© was gifted from Divine Sources and is not only amazingly accurate, it is an in depth map for both emotional and spiritual understanding. Direct and easy to apply, you will discover what makes you tick and how you can transform yourself in remarkable ways!

The Diamond Light Numbers are simple, evolutionary and mind blowing tools for self empowerment and lasting inner transformation.

Discover the blessings and challenges of relationships with your loved ones and come to understand through your birthdate why they are in your life and what the gift is.